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Whatever you’re looking for - Networking, Integrations, Hardware, Software, Consulting, Installations, Repairs, Upgrades, Maintenance, High Speed Road Runner Online, Web Services, Onsite Service, Computers, Copiers, Fax machines, Printers, Palm Pilots, Hard Drives, Repairs, Motherboards, Quality Paper, Software, etc… If it is not in stock, we will find it, and in most cases have it in by the next business day.

Our highly trained technicians can deliver fast, reliable service and support on-site, or in our professionally equipped shop. Emergencies are no problem—Most of our service calls are responded to in 1-3 hours. Try to get that kind of service from a large warehouse type store! NEVER!

Corporate Network Infrastructure Evaluation
PNG Computers offers an extensive evaluation of your corporate network (LAN/WAN), and your day-to-day business routine as it may relate to your computing environment. We evaluate and diagnose any existing problems, as well as any points of contention that may cause your computers to fail in the future. We make educated recommendations as to our findings, and if agreed upon we will put the proper remedies into action in a skilled and expedient manner. We have been providing this service to all of our clients since 1986 and it has proved to head off many potential disasters while fixing many existing bugs.

Services we provide during our onsite inspection, as needed:

  • Take a full physical inventory of all computers and equipment and specs.*
  • Check general network setup and infrastructure*
  • Check for proper security administration
  • Check tape backup solution for accurate backups and restore capabilities*
  • Check for any network connectivity issues (Check drive mappings, cabling, ETC.)
  • Check server and work station hard drives for errors or potential problems*
  • Run Scan Disk & Defrag on all workstations*
  • Check for proper implementation of Antivirus solution (i.e. Current virus definitions)*
  • Where necessary, recommend and install latest virus software or virus definitions*
  • Check all hard drives for maximum capacity versus available space*
  • Check amount of ram in each machine and recommend increases where necessary*
  • Check computer system resources to see if PC is being bogged down*
  • Test email and internet connectivity
  • Run diagnostics on all workstations to test hardware and hard disk for errors*
  • Check for Terminate and Stay Ready (TSR) programs that should not be running*
  • Check for software applications that might conflict with other applications*
  • Make backup copies of the Windows registry’s on all machines*
  • Speak with office manager to resolve any known problems or issues*
  • Speak with users of each workstation to see if they have any problems or questions
  • Check to see all machines have their regional settings set to 4 digits*
  • Preventative maintenance cleanup of computers (upon request)
  • Check all printers for maintenance and cleaning needs
  • Check system CMOS/BIOS settings for issues
  • Check hard disk for broken links, rogue .DLL and .VXD files, ETC.

The inspection process may be modified to suit the individual needs of the customer.
The evaluation fee is on a per hour basis and the total cost is determined by the total number of hours it takes to complete the tasks that the customer requests. PNG recommends that the customer accept all the minimum recommended services (as denoted by the asterisks *)

Any services not denoted with an asterisk are still advisable if a total and complete evaluation is to be carried out. The customer may request any services that are not listed here.

Proper inspection and preventive maintenance is a vital step in the over all health of your computer systems. Taking these steps will give you a much higher level of confidence in your computing environment as well as enhancing the proper safeguarding of what you value most, Your Data.